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Climbing Misti

Day 1:

You will be pickud up by a privat vehicle at 8:30-09.00 am and 1 1/2 hours later we will arrive at the base of El Misti at 3'600 meters. We are going to start climbing up a narrow rocky ridge (the majority of the mountain is sandy), we will be observing the gradual changes in the landscapes and plant life. Depending on how fast we will climb up, we will either camp on 4'500 or 4'700 meters. The view of Arequipa is spectacular and very beautiful with the many lights in the city. We are going to have a camp stove which provides us with a hot cup of tea as well as a cooked meal.

Day 2:

The day starts early in the morning with a maté de coca (a herbal tea made from coca leaves which helps with the effects of altitude). After breakfast we start our climb to the summit, which takes us about 5 to 6 hours. The top is a natural observatory, in the distance you can see the volcanos Chachani and Pichu Pichu, the national Reserve of Aguada Blanca, Lake Salinas, the city of Arequipa, small villages and the unique and beautiful crater of Misti itself, with it's simmering fumaroles. You energy will return to you at the descent as you can run, ski or slide down the mountainside, which is mostly sand. After arriving back at our camp, we will pack up our belongings and the descend for two  more hours to the place where our transportation left us the day before. We arrive back in Arequipa at 3 pm.

Private Tour (1 Person) = 290 USD

Group Tour (2-6 Persons) = 150 USD per Person



  • Experienced guide
  • Tents, mattresses, cooking equipment, etc.
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel and transport to and from the base of the mountain
  • Meals while trekking (1 dinner and 1 breakfast)

Please note that you have to carry the equipement by yourself.

If you do not want to carry the equipemnt, you can book a carrier (Please contact the angency to ask for the price).

Not Included:

  • Standard equipment such as sleeping bag, jacket, etc (these items can be hired in Arequipa at an additional cost)
  • Breakfast in Arequipa before leaving for the mountain
  • Water, chocolate, snacks etc.

What to Bring for climbing Misti:

  • Specialist trekking or climbing pack
  • Synthetic or leather boots with strong sole
  • Sleeping bag rated to at least -5 degrees Celsius
  • Layers of synthetic thermal or merino wool, preferably lightweight, at least some long-sleeved
  • Fleece or soft shell jacket
  • Gore-tex or equivalent jacket
  • Down or synthetic fill jacket (for wearing around camp and possibly at rest stops or the summit)
  • Thermal or merino long underwear
  • Trekking pants, preferably wind resistant (eg, soft shell pants)
  • Thick socks, preferably wool (liner socks are useful to help avoid blisters)
  • Woolly hat
  • Liner gloves and outer gloves (ski gloves are ok)
  • Cap or hat, preferably broad-brimmed, good quality sunglasses, and suncream

-Headlamp with spare batteries
-First-aid kit including blister plasters, bandage, scissors, altitude sickness pills (consult a travel medicine specialist about these)
-At least 5 litres of water, chocolates, sweets, snacks, etc (something salty is good for replacing minerals lost through sweating, and loose sweets are good fpr maintaing energy while climbing)